Care Management

Care management is a holistic approach that provides the counsel and support to empower seniors – and their loved ones – to cope with the challenges of aging. As Aging Life Care Professionals, we are here to support our clients through all issues they face and to be the point person in times of crisis. We lift the burden from family caregivers, who may live far away, and provide assurance that there is someone nearby in case of an emergency. Aging With Dignity provides both clients and family members with the peace of mind of knowing that someone is looking out for their best interests and providing comprehensive management and monitoring of a detailed Plan of Care.

Here are just some of the services included in our Care Management program:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Care management, coordination and monitoring
  • Patient advocacy
  • Connect clients with the right health care professionals and resources
  • Offer training for home care professionals
  • Crisis response and intervention
  • Coordinate transitions from home to health care facilities and back to home
  • Monitor progress when someone is hospitalized or in a rehab facility
  • Relocation assistance for those moving into a senior care community
  • Identify and coordinate meaningful daily activities, including for those living with memory loss
  • Provide support to family members and other care providers who are caring for an elder loved one

A Care Manager serves as a single touchpoint for a loved one’s medical needs and care. Aging With Dignity’s goal is to provide our clients with the support necessary to live independently and to be as self-sufficient as possible, allowing them to lead of life of dignity and confidence.