Engaging Betsy has literally been a lifesaver for me with the responsibility I have for the care of an elderly relative. Betsy delicately and diplomatically came and assessed the situation and developed and helped me execute a plan to bring a fine balance of independent living and necessary care to my 88 year old Godmother. Betsy’s vast knowledge of the services available to seniors in New York has brought life back to my godmother to the point where she is utilizing Access-A-Ride free transport to attend weekly bridge games again as well as taking her to necessary medical appointments. Throughout this process, Betsy continued to develop this supportive structure with ever-present grace and ease. I highly recommend Betsy to develop and execute a plan for a loved one enabling them to live life with safety, dignity, and enjoyment.

Margaret F.

Betsy was truly a godsend to our family when my elderly stepmom, who was living alone in Hawaii, fell ill and was hospitalized. Our situation was complicated given that we were trying to manage her care from 5,000 miles away and that we had less than two weeks to relocate her across the country before her discharge date.

When I contacted Betsy she immediately sprang into action. Working remotely, Betsy quickly built an effective working relationship with the social worker at the rehab hospital in Honolulu and crafted a plan to transport my stepmom to New York City. Drawing on her extensive database of knowledge and strong network of contacts, Betsy evaluated the care options in NYC, identified the facilities that would best be able to provide ongoing rehabilitation, and worked with the admissions director at our preferred facility to facilitate the transfer. Two weeks later she joined me as my stepmom was admitted to that skilled nursing facility for further rehabilitation.

Betsy continued to be there for us as throughout my stepmom’s recuperation and full recovery – sitting in on family update meetings with hospital staff, researching and visiting specialists, and finally recommending senior living communities. Throughout the engagement, I was able to observe Betsy in action for all of her clients: frankly you could not possibly find a more effective, caring or kind advocate always available for phone calls and meetings, unexpected trips to the ER, and indefatigably pursuing the best options for her clients as if they were her own family.

Jennifer C.

For we three in a non-traditional family, finding our way in the thick of Alzheimer’s disease would have been, not just harder, but painfully harder, had we not had the quick intelligence and caring heart of Betsy Lichtenstein to see us through. Her resources seem endless—and just today, or this evening, she reaches out with yet a new one. Her head-on reckoning with the challenges of aging and dementia is refreshing and inspiring. And maybe most importantly, she has supported me in acknowledging my own limitations, as well as the sometimes dark inevitabilities our family faces, freeing me to find delight in the moments that are still ours to enjoy—the love, the tenderness, the intimacy that are the best of family life. Betsy’s voice, her clarity, have been my anchor, the place I return to, a point of reference that has saved my sanity. My gratitude for her is immense and heartfelt.

Susan T.
"Ms. Lichtenstein (Betsy) played a crucial role in assisting my mother to transition from a retirement community to living with one of her children. This process involved moving one household, reorganizing another, and developing and coordinating a round-the-clock home health care team. All this has been done with competence, compassion, and a truly caring spirit. She has my highest recommendation."
Agnes W., MD

Betsy helped us take care of our elderly father for three years. She worked with unflagging energy and devotion on his behalf, doing many tasks we would never have had the time or knowledge to do on our own, including: finding doctors and physical therapists; training aides; scheduling and attending appointments with him; supervising medication; finding places to buy appropriate clothing and finding equipment to make him safe and comfortable at home; and constantly looking for ways to improve his quality of life. She was also a pleasure for us to deal with–always respectful of our wishes, seeking approval for anything she was doing, and providing meticulous accounts. She made the final years of his life immeasurably better for him and for his children, and we are eternally grateful to her.

Eric G.